Project Management Methodology

What is a Methodology?

If you want to improve your project success you need to use a trusted and proven Project Management Methodology.

A project methodology is a system that tells you what you need to do to manage your projects from start to finish. It describes every step in the project life cycle in depth, so you know exactly which tasks to complete, when and how. Whether you're an expert or a novice, it helps you complete tasks faster than before.

Why do you need one?

MPMM is an invaluable tool for any Project Manager.  As a Project Manager, you need a Project Management Methodology to steer your projects in the right direction and keep them on track. You also need it to help you manage your projects in a structured, repeatable fashion. That way, you can apply the same approach to every project you undertake.

Where is MPMM used to achieve success?

  • Project Management
  • Project Offices
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Trainers
  • Government agencies
  • Education 

What is MPMM?

MPMM is a Project Management Methodology containing 1500 tasks, charts, tables and examples to help guide your projects towards success. In addition to including an entire project management process, it also contains all of the project management templates, forms and checklists needed.

Why is it different?

MPMM® has been wrapped in project management software to help you navigate the methodology quickly and easily. You can choose to apply the methodology straight "out of the box", or customize it for your organization. You can also use it to create brand new project management methodologies and processes.


MPMM Professional Edition

MPMM Professional allows you to create, customize and share methodologies with others. In addition to including all of the life cycle steps, templates and practical examples needed to manage any size of project, it comes with the Methodology Manager which helps you manage multiple methodologies for projects.



MPMM Standard Edition

MPMM Standard helps you manage small to medium sized projects. Like MPMM Professional, the life cycle, templates and examples included help you create deliverables quickly and easily. If you want to use a methodology "out of the box" without customization, then the Standard edition will be perfect for you.



MPMM Education Edition

 The MPMM Educational Edition is specifically designed for lecturers and students. It provides a complete methodology for managing small projects. It steps you through the entire Project Life Cycle by explaining how every phase, activity and task is undertaken.



MPMM Enterprise Edition

If you have a large number of project teams and you want them to follow your customized methodologies, then MPMM Enterprise is for you.
It will help you create a unique set of methodologies, which are a perfect fit for your organization. You can then publish your methodologies to your project teams, through your corporate Intranet.