Managing Government projects can often be challenging. You typically need to manage internal staff, external suppliers, contractors, equipment and materials - while meeting the expectations of your Project Sponsor. 

It's no wonder that most Project Managers look for a proven formula for success. MPMMTM provides such a formula by offering a complete methodology for successfully managing projects.


Apply MPMM methodology to your Local, State, Central or Federal Government projects to:

  1. Reduced cost of completion
  2. Faster creation of deliverables
  3. Increased efficiency in delivery
  4. Improved quality of deliverables
  5. Greater Return on Investment

Thousands of Government and private sector employees around the world use the MPMMTM Project Life Cycle to improve their project delivery.

Use MPMM to: 

  • Gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Create supplier contracts
  • Undertake formal tenders
  • Shorten procurement cycles
  • Control changes to scope
  • Monitor and control projects
  • Manage risks and issues
  • Improve communication
  • Implement project reporting
  • Meet internal standards
  • Manage supplier performance
  • Control payment milestones
  • Ensure requirements are met
  • Improve project efficiency

 You will also be able to put in place a formal framework for Initiating, Planning, Executing and Closing Government projects successfully.

MPMM helps Government employees by providing:

  • Methods

     - An entire framework for delivering projects is provided, defining every phase, activity and task in the Project Life Cycle.
  • Processes

     - All of the processes required to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues are described in depth.
  • Standards

     - By adopting the Project Life Cycle and Work Breakdown Structure defined in MPMM, you are putting in place best practice standards based on the two worldwide project management standards PMBOK® and Prince2®.
  • Tools

     - 1000+ content pages, templates, processes, tables, diagrams, checklists, examples, sample forms and practical examples are included.
  • Training

     - It's perfect for up-skilling Project Managers and teams in project management, as it defines the entire Project Life Cycle in depth. A suite of examples offer additional materials for teams in project management.
  • Mentoring

     - It's easy to mentor staff in project management, as MPMM provides all of the knowledge, content and documentation needed to advise, train, mentor and guide teams in best practice.
  • Auditing

     - By adopting this as the methodology for delivering projects, it provides the perfect basis upon which to conduct project audits.
  • Reviews

     - Teams can use the Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes and templates to review the progress of each project.
  • Reporting

     - A suite of project reports are included to help you monitor and control the progress of each project within your responsibility.

MPMM helps you to successfully complete:

  • Local government initiatives
  • Community programs
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Health and safety initiatives
  • Information Technology projects
  • Policy change programs
  • Telecommunications projects
  • Legislative change programs
  • Military projects
  • Change management programs
  • Defense projects
  • Process improvement programs