If you want to succeed as a Project Management Consultant, IT Consultant or Business Consultant then MPMM™ is for you. 

Simply download the consulting tool set to your PC or laptop and use it to create high quality products for your clients. It's perfect for project management consulting because it gives you all of the tools, templates and processes you need.

It also helps you win more clients, deliver client projects and improve your consulting skills. Read on to find out how.

Win More Consulting Clients

MPMM helps you to win more clients, by giving you the tools you need to present client proposals and close the deal. You will be able to use MPMM to show clients how you intend to deliver their projects and meet their needs every time. You can show them best practice processes for creating deliverables, managing projects and training staff.

It will also help you to convince your clients that you can add real value to their business and that the cost of your consulting service is easily justified. Using MPMM, you will be able to:

  • Create more compelling client proposals
  • Improve your pre-sales pitch and market offering
  • Show clients your project delivery framework
  • Convince clients that you will add value
  • Win more work from new clients.

MPMM will help you grow your consulting business, by winning more consulting work from clients.

Manage Consulting Assignments

Once you start a consulting assignment, MPMM then gives you all the tools needed to complete it quickly and efficiently. It helps you to improve your delivery, by giving you tools which allow you to create high quality deliverables faster than ever before. The MPMM consulting toolset includes:

  • Consulting Methodology

     - A complete methodology for managing consulting projects is included. This methodology will help you to initiate, plan, execute and close projects faster than ever before.
  • Consulting Processes

     - All of the processes that you need to manage time, cost and quality are included. The processes also help you to manage change, risk, issues, client acceptance and communications.
  • Consulting Templates

     - Whenever you need to create client deliverables, you can simply open a pre-formatted project template and fill-in-the-gaps. These templates include all of the charts, tables and completion instructions to help you create high quality deliverables easily.

Whether you're consulting, training or managing a project, the MPMM toolset will help you to carry it out quickly and efficiently.

Boost your Consulting Skills

In addition to winning more clients and improving your delivery, you will also boost your consulting skills by using MPMM. The reason is that MPMM also includes a wealth of information for consultants.

It helps you to advance your consulting skills by adopting best practice processes and standards. MPMM includes more than 1000 content pages, charts, tables and practical examples to help you boost your project consulting knowledge.

Thousands of consultants, trainers and project managers around the world use the MPMM™ Project Life Cycle to manage projects more successfully.

So if you're a consultant and you want to win more clients, improve your delivery and boost your consulting skills, then download a free trial of MPMM now.