Project Management Solution Reviews


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"Managers, Consultants and Trainers will find this tool invaluable as it offers an entire project management methodology. By adopting the methods and processes included, a project manager can depend on a marked improvement in project success and efficiency. It's a great product."

Frank A. Stillo
Project Management Institute
New York, USA

"This methodology covers all of the essential elements of project management and provides the tools needed to manage projects from initiation to closure."

Mike Cook
Canadian Institute of Management

"As a Director of a multi-billion dollar international corporation, we find that this system enables us vastly increase our chances of success. Without fail, MPMM helps us to manage small, medium and large projects across multiple countries and continents, delivering on time and within budget. It's fantastic!"

Terry Kelly
IMS Health

"Whether or not your company already has its own project methodology, MPMM will add value to you. It describes in depth the entire Project Life Cycle, providing a superset upon which your own methodology can plug into. By using MPMM, you will also speed up the life cycle of your projects, by gaining access to a downloadable suite of document templates and sample examples demonstrating their use. It's perfect for project management training."

Estela McCarty
Project Consultant

"What a neat tool! This project management solution will definitely help managers, consultants, trainers and students to increase their proficiency in project management."

Mike Lorimer
Chamber Of Commerce, France

"If you're looking for an enterprise project management product that will help you to manage projects more efficiently, then MPMM will certainly add value to you. You can use it to maximize the return on your investment for every project initiative undertaken."

Naiomi Kingsley
Chief Executive
London Rebuilding Society

"This project management methodology is very impressive. It includes a wealth of information describing how to manage projects, and it's really easy to navigate."

Johanna Barnett
Marketing Director
JG Connect

"This is a very comprehensive project management product. The features allow you to implement a structured framework for managing projects. There are also a load of really useful templates and examples, making it easier to manage projects. It's the best project management methodology I've seen."

Wayne Nelligan
Chief Programming Officer
The PCA Group, Inc

"It's a tough job managing suppliers, equipment and materials, to build solutions and keep customers happy. MPMM gives me all of the best practice methods, processes and tools needed to do get right - and get paid!"

Jared Nichol
Project Manager
Nichol Construction

"Having managed multiple government and corporate projects, I know how important it is to use project management resources to deliver the stated benefits to an organization. MPMM will help you do this, by giving you a solid framework for project delivery."

Carol Keslar
Project Specialist
Stillwater Communications

"Regardless of your industry, MPMM provides you with a best practice approach to delivering projects. You'll find it invaluable for initiating, planning, executing and closing projects successfully."

Katherine Robertson
Art & Soul Productions, USA

"Hey, great docs! The project management templates included in MPMM are really neat, as they explain how to practically implement every step in the project life cycle. Good job."

Hugh Beveridge
Project Leader
Weta Software

"Your project management methodology has really helped me understand how to better manage my projects. It's given me the confidence needed to manage any size of project, without losing a lot of sleep!"

Andrew Fell
Project Manager
Gulf Coast Lifestyles

"Managers, Consultants and Trainers will find this tool invaluable, as it offers an entire project management methodology for managing projects. By adopting the methods and processes included, you will improve your project delivery efficiency."

Pamela Good
Project Specialist
The PCA Group

"Its hard work delivering projects on time and to budget. But by using MPMM, you can successfully manage all types and sizes of projects, and feel comfortable that you're implementing a best practice approach for each."

Neil McClenaghan
Property Developer
KMC Urban

"If you're looking for a project management solution which provides a complete framework for managing projects, then this product is for you."

Alan Jacobs
Telecoms Project Manager

"I'm very impressed by what this tool offers for project management consulting. You really can manage client projects more efficiently by adopting the methodology included within MPMM."

Anita Mann
Senior Project Consultant

"As a Project Manager, I know how challenging it is trying to produce deliverables which meet the customer's expectations, on time and within budget. MPMM gives me a leg-up, by providing a solid framework for success, a well as templates and examples so that I never have to start from scratch."

Chris Nicholls
Senior Consultant
Strategic Consulting

"To manage multiple construction projects at the same time, you need to have a project delivery framework that works. MPMM provides this framework, as well as all of the tools needed to do the job properly."

Tyrone Williamson
Project Manager
Williamson Construction

"This product is superb. You can use all of the processes, templates and examples to manage projects, as well as set up a fully functional Project Management Office."

Sriinivas Mandgi
Project Consultant

"I have to say, MPMM has exceeded my expectations. The product includes a huge amount of content, describing how to run projects. Now I can manage multiple projects while keeping customers happy. Thanks!"

Trine Glad Romlund
Project Manager
Pitjo Interactive

"If you're a Project Manager, then you'll definitely benefit from purchasing this downloadable project management methodology. It includes all of the processes, methods and templates needed to deliver projects successfully. This is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use methodology that I've seen!"

Devin Dean
Project Manager
Forte Consulting

"Your project management software is fantastic! It has everything needed to run a project from start to finish, helping me complete projects on time and to budget."

Kevin Creighton
Property Developer
Creighton Construction

"By downloading these free project management software trials, you'll see why MPMM is the best methodology in the market place."

Richard Stinear
Project Manager
Substrate & Partners

"The MPMM application is great. The interface makes it easy to use and the documentation and project management tools help you out, at each stage of the project life cycle."

Roger Wilcocks
Project Consultant
L Space Design

"I love your project management examples included in MPMM. They really give the user a feel for what it's like at the coal face and how to implement projects properly. Well done."

Jeremy Hallinan
Project Consultant
Wekacel Sytems

"MPMM is really easy to use for project management courses and is a great asset. As structured project management is in its infancy in my department, we're always looking for an effective way to advance project management concepts - MPMM provides us with the perfect tool to help us to achieve this."

Michelle Mills
University Health Care

"I am very excited about this product. As an instructor in Project Management, I see it can be used very effectively as an adjunct to the course materials and instruction. As a practitioner, I see it as a great support tool educating and guiding the project team through its project experience. The correlation with the Project Management Institute's A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge is very useful in providing credibility and confidence in the product."

Karl Hogquist
Adjunct Professor
DeVry University
California, USA

"I finally have a product that I can use to structure and run project management courses quickly and easily. Thank you so much!"

Guy Ellis
Contract Lecturer
University of Cape Town
South Africa

"MPMM describes how to manage projects at an incredibly detailed level. It's got everything needed to excel in Project Management education, from a basic to advanced level."

Richard Copus
Masters Student
MBA Program