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MPMM™ provides an entire project management solution for projects. Whether you are looking for a methodology, process or template set, the MPMM project management solution will meet your need.

Regardless of your project role, the MPMM project management solution helps you deliver projects faster and more easily han before.

Project Management

MPMM offers Project Managers a complete methodology for delivering projects. It describes every phase, activity and task within the Project Life Cycle, and it also includes repeatable processes, document templates and examples to enable you to create project deliverables quickly and efficiently. More info...

Project Office

As MPMM provides an entire framework for running projects, it's the perfect
project management solution for Project Offices. You can use it to put in place standards, guidelines and processes for undertaking projects within your organization. Most Project Office Managers use the MPMM framework, processes and templates to implement project management standards within their organization. More info...


Using MPMM project management solutions, you can apply repeatable processes so that you never have to start from scratch when managing client projects. The templates, forms, checklists and client examples help you to manage time, cost, quality, change, risks and issues more efficiently. More info...


As a Trainer, you need a large amount of materials to create a comprehensive course on Project Management. MPMM provides more than 1000 pages of content describing how to undertake each step in the Project Life Cycle-from which to base your training materials. The templates are perfect for setting training exercises and the examples provide you with practical examples for managing live projects. More info...


In Government environments, you are usually required to complete with a high degree of efficiency. By adopting the MPMM project management solution for managing projects, you can show "due diligence" by putting in place standard processes for Initiating, Planning, Executing and Closing projects successfully. You can also use the suite of templates to rapidly build project deliverables, saving you time and increasing the quality of your work. More info...


As a Lecturer or Student, you need access to a wealth of information describing the Project Management discipline. MPMM includes 1000+ pages of content describing how to undertake every activity within the Project Life Cycle. It's the perfect tool for creating customized under-graduate and post graduate courses in Project Management. It's also an incredibly valuable project management solution for students wishing to complete assignments and exams in project management. More info...


Senior Managers always strive to get the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for their projects undertaken. MPMM helps achieve this, by offering a standard repeatable method for undertaking projects successfully. Projects delivered using MPMM will achieve greater business benefits at a lower project cost, thereby improving the ROI on projects. More info...

MPMM Project Management Methodologies

Professional Edition

So if you want to download a fantastic project management solution for your business , then click on the "Free Trial" button below. The processes, templates and practical examples will help you gain total project management success.

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"This project management solution will definitely help managers, consultants, trainers and students to increase their proficiency in project management."

Mike Lorimer,

Chamber of Commerce, France