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Project Management Methodologies

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Project Management Methodologies

. By using the Methodology Manager you can:

  • Create New Methodologies
  • Customize Your Methodologies
  • Import Existing Methodologies
  • Manage Multiple Methodologies
  • Share Your Methodologies

Create New Project Management Methodologies

You can create new project management methodologies for your projects by:

  • Defining new project processes
  • Grouping processes into methodologies
  • Documenting your methodologies
  • Adding templates to your methodologies
  • Creating different methodologies for different sizes and types of projects.

Customize Existing Methodologies

Customize your Project Management Methodologies  

If you want to use the Project Management Methodologies already included in MPMM, then why not customize them to perfectly fit your project environment?

You can edit any content page, template, process, form, life cycle or example. It's completely customizable!

Import Your Methodologies

You can also import your existing project methodologies, processes and tools into MPMM.

You can then customize this content, give it your own branding and apply your own terminology so that it perfectly fits your environment.


You can import:

  • HTML pages
  • Microsoft Word & Excel docs (saved in HTML format)
  • Text, websites, diagrams, images
  • Processes, forms, templates, documents, checklists.

Create Multiple Methodologies

Multiple Project Management Methodologies  

If you manage a variety of projects, then why not use a slightly different methodology for each project?

In MPMM, you can do this by duplicating methodologies and customizing them for each specific project. In this way, you can boost your chances of success.

Manage Your Methodologies

If you want to use multiple methodologies for projects, then you can easily manage them using the MPMM Methodology Manager.

You can use it to rename, delete and edit methodologies. You can also merge, backup, import, export and share them. It's easy to manage your methodologies using MPMM.


You can manage your methodologies by:

  • Creating new methodologies
  • Editing existing methodologies
  • Uploading current methodologies
  • Renaming and deleting methodologies
  • Backing up and restoring methodologies
  • Duplicating and merging methodologies
  • Importing and exporting methodologies
  • Sharing methodologies with peers

Share Your Methodologies

If you want to share project management methodologies with your peers, then simply export the methodology to your PC and email it to them. They will then import the methodology into their own MPMM edition. It's that easy!

You can create and share project management methodologies freely using MPMM.

  Share Project Management Methodologies

Create Other Methodologies

You can also use MPMM to create other types of project management methodologies.

For instance, you can use MPMM to create methods, processes and templates for business planning, HR and procurement.


Create Methodologies for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Any other business processes

Sell Your Methodologies

Have you ever thought about creating and selling your own intellectual property? By using the Methodology Manager you can import, customize and brand your own project management methodologies. You can then sell these methodologies to other licensed users and receive 100% of the revenue from doing so.

And there you have it. You can use the Methodology Manager included in MPMM™ Professional to create, customize and share your project management methodologies now.

MPMM Project Management Methodologies

Professional Edition

To create customized project management methodologies for your projects, try MPMM Professional now by clicking on the "Free Trial" button below. The templates and practical examples will also save you time and effort managing projects.

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