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MPMMTM Enterprise Edition

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ONLY $1,500

10 Users (additional users $150/seat)

If you want to publish methodologies on your Intranet, then MPMM® Enterprise is perfect for you.

As well as including a complete methodology for projects, this smart toolset lets you save your methodologies directly to your intranet so that your teams can access them quickly and easily. You can create and publish as many methodologies as you wish, to boost your project success.

Here's how you do it...

  • Download and install MPMM® Enterprise.
  • Import your existing methodology content and templates.
  • Then link all of your content together and customize it to create a unique set of methodologies for your Organization.
  • Export your methodologies directly to your Intranet.
  • Create a link on your intranet to your new methodologies.



 - MPMM Enterprise is fully integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint. With the click of a button, you can export your methodology content and templates to your Sharepoint server. Watch the Video Tour above to see how it works.

Tool Kit

 - MPMM Enterprise gives you the same features as the Professional edition, so that you can create customized methodologies for your projects. And like the Professional edition, you can install it on a central server so that you can collaborate with your methodology team.


 - The first key difference between the Professional and Enterprise edition is that MPMM Enterprise edition gives you an "Organization-Wide License" to use the methodologies. Whereas for the Professional edition, you need a license for every person accessing the content.

Publish Online

 - The second key difference is that the Enterprise edition gives you the ability to load your methodologies onto your intranet. Within MPMM Enterprise, you can click "Export to Web" to save your entire methodology as a set of interlinked HTML files that you can immediately load onto your Intranet for release to your project teams. It's quick and easy to publish methodologies using the Enterprise edition.

Supports Large Teams

 - If you only have a small number of project teams, then a multi-user license to MPMM Professional will better fit your need. But if you have a large number of project teams and you want them to access the Customized Methodologies you've created, then the Enterprise edition will be perfect for you. Email to request further information today.

More than 45,000 people use MPMM to manage projects successfully.

Like the Professional edition, the Enterprise edition provides you with the methodologies, templates and examples needed to...

  • Develop a Business Case
  • Undertake a Feasibility Study
  • Build a Project Charter
  • Appoint the Project Team
  • Set up the Project Office
  • Create a Project Plan
  • Create a Resource Plan
  • Create a Financial Plan
  • Create a Quality Plan
  • Create a Risk Plan
  • Create an Acceptance Plan
  • Create a Communications Plan
  • Create a Procurement Plan
  • Contract Suppliers
  • Perform Phase Reviews
  • Build Deliverables
  • Perform Time Management
  • Perform Cost Management
  • Perform Quality Management
  • Perform Change Management
  • Perform Risk Management
  • Perform Issue Management
  • Perform Procurement Management
  • Perform Acceptance Management
  • Perform Communications
  • Perform Project Closure
  • Review Project Completion
  • Undertake every phase, activity and task within the Project Life Cycle
  • View a detailed table of contents

The MPMM Project Management Methodology is used by...

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Product Info

"MPMM provides an entire methodology for successfully managing projects. I have no doubt that project management professionals around the world will find it invaluable"

Mike Lorimer,

British Chamber of Commerce