MPMM Educational - Features

MPMMTM Educational - Features

The MPMMTM Standard Edition contains the following project management software features which enable you to navigate the wealth of information quickly and easily.

Core Features

Each of the core features in this software tool are depicted by the following diagram:

Core features in MPMM screen image

With the Navigation Panel, you can navigate across the entire suite of MPMM content, to establish a formal methodology for your project. When you navigate to any page in MPMM, here are the tools you have at your fingertips:

  • The Display Panel displays the page contents in the center of your screen. Within this panel, you will learn in detail how to undertake the Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure phases within a project.
  • The Page Summary Panel summarizes the content in each page to enable you to quickly get a grip on the key concepts.
  • The Related Topics Panel lists other MPMM pages that are related to the topic in the Display Panel. By selecting a related topic, you can quickly navigate to other pages with supplementary content related to your current topic.
  • The Navigation Tabs allow you to view the Contentsin MPMM, check out the Indexof all of the pages included in the tool and Findnew content based on specific search criteria.
  • The Display Tabs link you to Life Cycleactivities and documents. They also allow you to access the Roadmap, Tutorialand Helpcontent.
  • The Feature Buttons allow you to printcontent pages, to access your MPMM Settingsand view the MPMM Glossaryof terms.

These core features are intended to help you to quickly and easily navigate the wealth of content included within this Project Management Methodology.

Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panelcontains a hierarchy of information, allowing you to navigate directly to any activity within the MPMM Project Life Cycle. You can access every page in this product by drilling up and down through the content hierarchy in this panel.

To navigate the information hierarchy...

  • Click on a topic to view the list of sub-topics within it.
  • Click on a sub-topic to view the content in the Display Panel.

Display Panel

The Display Panel presents the content pages requested by the user. Whenever you select topics from the NavigationPanel, Related TopicsPanel or any other links within the tool, the content you have requested will appear here.

Text Links and Diagrams

On each page you will notice a series of text links. You can select these links to navigate directly to other pages in MPMM. You can also click on many of the diagramsin MPMM to navigate to the respective content sections of each page.


By clicking on any of the short-cut arrowsfound on the right hand side of the content displayed, you will immediately scroll up to the start of the page.

Page Summary Panel

The Page Summary Panelsummarizes the content currently displayed in the Display Panel. It helps you grasp the content quickly without having to read the entire text. By reading a summary of each page, you will quickly get your bearings on each phase and activity included in the MPMM Project Life Cycle.

Related Topics Panel

The Related Topics Panellists all the other content pages directly related to the page currently open in the Display Panel. For instance, if you are reading about "Project Planning," Related Topics will list each of the planning pages in MPMM, including any other pages that relate to the planning phase

Navigation Tabs

MPMM Navigation Tabs give you three easy ways to find the content you need. The Contentstab enables you to navigate the complete hierarchy of information included within MPMM. The Indextab takes you to view an alphabetical listing of all of the content pages. The Findtab allows you to search for relevant content pages based on the search string you enter.

Display Tabs

Display Tabs

You will find that the display tabs are MPMM's most commonly used features, as they allow you to immediately navigate to the following pages:

  • Starting Off... for all the information required to get acquainted with this methodology
  • Life Cycle... for a complete textual description for every activity in the Project Life Cycle
  • Roadmap... for a diagram that describes the entire Project Life Cycle, with links to each activity in the diagram
  • Tutorial... to learn how to use MPMM to increase your efficiency in your role
  • Help which directs you to a comprehensive help page

Feature Buttons

MPMM provides the following Feature Buttons to enhance your user experience:

  • Printing. Select this button to print any page in this toolset.
  • Settings. Select Settings to view any of the core settings in this software suite.
  • Glossary. Click for definitions of all commonly used terminology in MPMM.

Customizing the Panels

To have the best possible viewing experience while using this product, you should customize the size of each viewing panel to fit your screen size and resolution. You can click and drag each of borders on any panel (as depicted by the following diagram) to enlarge or minimize that panel to suit your needs.

Customizing the panels screen image

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