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The following Project Management topics are provided within this edition:

Table of Contents

Project Initiation
   Develop a Business Case
   Undertake a Feasibility Study
   Establish the Terms of Reference
   Appoint the Project Team
   Set up the Project Office
   Perform Phase Review
Project Planning
   Create a Project Plan
   Create a Resource Plan
   Create a Financial Plan
   Create a Quality Plan
   Create a Risk Plan
   Create an Acceptance Plan
   Create a Communications Plan
   Perform Phase Review
Project Execution
   Build Deliverables
   Monitor and Control
      - Perform Time Management
      - Perform Cost Management
      - Perform Quality Management
      - Perform Change Management
      - Perform Risk Management
      - Perform Issue Management
      - Perform Acceptance Management
      - Perform Communications Management
   Perform Phase Review
Project Closure
   Perform Project Closure
   Review Project Completion
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