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You have invested in MPMM to manage your projects. We are making MPMM even more valuable for you with the addition of Program Management for MPMM. You can check it out with our free preview version.

The purpose of a program is to provide central management and control over a set of underlying projects. The program allows the projects to achieve a common benefit that would be difficult for each project to achieve independently.

Some people think programs are managed as large projects. That is not the case. Programs have their own set of processes and techniques. Projects within programs are managed differently as well. MPMM Program provides a clear and comprehensive set of processes and techniques for managing programs. It takes both program management and project management to be successful managing programs. We now have MPMM Program for programs and MPMM for projects. It is a powerful one-two combination.

Relationship Between MPMM and MPMM Program

A program is a way to centrally manage a set of related projects in a way that delivers benefits not available by managing the projects independently. MPMM Program focuses on planning and managing work at the program level. Of course there are still a need for project management processes and MPMM is still used for managing projects. In many instances there are differences between how independent projects are managed versus projects within a program. These differences are documented in MPMM Program.

Overview of the MPMM Program Model

Program Definition

This includes the work to initiate and plan the program. The setup work results in defining the program, establishing the program management processes and setting up the program infrastructure to allow the projects to execute as efficiently as possible.

  • Formulate Program
  • Defining the program
  • Building the program schedule
  • Building the program budget

After you have completed this work you gain approval for all of your major deliverables. This will include the Program Charter and Program Management Plan.

Benefits Delivery

This is by far the longest part of the program. The definition, processes and infrastructure that was prepared earlier is used by projects to build the deliverables of the program.

  • Manage schedule
  • Manage budget
  • Manage issues
  • Manage scope
  • Manage communication
  • Manage risk
  • Manage human resources
  • Manage quality
  • Manage procurement
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Manage governance

The program management processes continue as long as there are projects executing within the program.

Program Close

Projects start and end throughout the program. However, ultimately when the last project closes the entire program itself is closed as well. The program closeout may require a lot of work to transition deliverables to operations, reassign remaining team members, close contracts, archive key documents, etc.

To try MPMM Program, look in MPMM at the end of the navigation bar.
You should see MPMM Program Preview. If not, download via the RED link below.
In MPMM, Select Tools, Import, then Methodology.

Download a Free Preview version

How do I upgrade?

The process is simple.

  • Click on the link below to purchase the upgrade. (You can see the license pricing below).
  • You will receive an email with a download link. Click on the link and save the new MPMM Program.
  • Enter MPMM and import the new downloaded copy of MPMM Program.
  • Start enjoying the new content.

I have updated my prior content. Will I lose my work?

No, MPMM can save more than one methodology. You will save the imported content under a different methodology name.

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